AWS Cloud Training

This evenings post is going to be a quick one as I am finally home from the travel week. If you are looking to learn or master Amazon’s AWS service offerings I strongly encourage you to have a look at the below sites. In my personal opinion the training plethora of offerings on the Internet makes it confusing on where to start. Hopefully this post will get you started in the right direction and let you make your own decision on where to go next. Last comment… If you are good with self paced hands-on labs A Cloud Guru and the Linux Academy are amazing for the price and get you that real world training you’re seeking. Also, I must mention spend time reading Amazon AWS whitepapers and go through the Amazon AWS re:Invent presentations.

  1.  A Cloud Guru
  2. Linux Academy
  3. Amazon AWS Training & Certification
  4. Amazon AWS re:Invent
  5. AWS YouTube Channels
  6. AWS SlideShare
  7. AWS Educate


4 responses to “AWS Cloud Training”

  1. Wow. That is so elegant and logical and clearly explained. Brilliantly goes through what could be a complex process and makes it obvious.


  2. angelina

    very Informative, Recently joined for AWS Training,can anyone suggest me some books and videos.


  3. SV Soft Solutions is offering best AWS online training with 100% job assistance and high quality training facilities and well expert faculty .
    to Register you free demo please visit AWS Online Training Institute with Job Support


    1. Hello Sona, I would be extremely interested in taking a few of the AWS courses listed on the training site you references to see how they stand up against and -Hobbit


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