Aging Tech Talent Firing on all Cylinders?

EngineI have been thinking about this topic for a while and I know it’s a touchy one, but it must have crossed your mind once or twice. Personally for me as I am aging and continue to work in the technology space I have to work twice as hard to retain information and stay sharp. Maybe this isn’t the case for you or you’re just pretending like it isn’t happening to you? Don’t get me wrong our overall years of business industry experience and knowledge go a long way. However, if you’re the one developing, deploying and working directly in the technology space each day it must make your head spin how fast things are changing. I remember in my younger years feeling unstoppable in the technology arena, but maybe that was just me being young and inexperienced. Either way I make significant strides each day to stay on my game and learn from my peers, mentors, youth and studying hard. How do you stay on your tech game and fire on all cylinders each day of the week?


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