Tales from the Detroit Airport Fire Alarm

From 30k feet...
From 30k feet…

Last week I was traveling through DTW (Detroit Airport) to my final destination of SAN (San Diego Airport). My original flight was scheduled for much later in the day, but I was able to get that flight changed for an earlier departure time. Ultimately creating a 5+ hour layover when I arrived in DTW. My thoughts were getting to a larger airport would enable me to find an earlier flight home, but my options were limited and everything was overbooked. The thought crossed my mind to go standby, but that had the potential to get me stuck in an airport over night. After reviewing my options with a Delta representative it made the most sense to stay put and go out on my original flight to SAN. All and all I thought no problem I am in a large airport with plenty of things to do plus I am a member of the Delta Sky Club program. I want to take a moment to thank Delta for having such a great program available to the folks willing to pay for the membership. Yes, it is a rather large $450 yearly membership fee, but if you travel a lot and have layovers you will find that this membership will quickly pay for itself. Plenty of places to relax/work w/ WiFi (It was a bit slow), eat (light items), drink (bottomless soda, water, juices and beer/wine) and even shower if you would like. Each location has a little different offerings, so don’t hold me to each of the things I listed, but rather look it up on your Delta mobile app or web browser. Anyway I spent a couple of hours answering emails, blogging and eating (My favorite part). After I finished up in the Sky Club I set out on foot to find a dinner spot and was quickly distracted by the spa location called Relax. I love finding these places especially when I travel for several hours. The nice lady at the front desk let me know it would be about a 20 minute wait and to go have a seat in the massage chair. Quickly burning through the 20 minute wait time my chair was ready to go! After getting relaxed into my 30 minute massage off goes the DTW fire alarm. I don’t know about you, but this was my first experience hearing an airport fire alarm and wow was that ear piercing. I popped up quickly on high alert and the woman doing my massage says don’t worry about it they will announce over the intercom if we need to take action. I thought to myself that doesn’t really sound right, but maybe she knows something I don’t. I placed my head back into the chair and she picked right back up like she never missed a second. Keep in mind the fire alarm is still blaring at a sound decibel not comfortable to the human ear. 15+ minutes goes by and I hear some talking in front of me, but remember my head is in a massage chair so visibility is very limited from the small cutout in the head rest. After a few minutes of listening to the conversation in front me and hearing several other people walk up. I open my eyes to several pairs of rubber boots in front of me. Yes, that is 5 to 6 firemen in front of me talking to the people at Relax. If that doesn’t get your attention I don’t know what does… I hear one of the firemen tell the lady that the alarm came from this location. Quickly after that the fireman walks to the back room and comes back out and says everything is fine, but smells something funny like someone sprayed something. In my mind I am thinking one of these massage ladies went in the back room for a smoke break or something and sprayed perfume in the air to try and cover up the smoke smell. Well who really knows what happened, but a fews minutes later the fire alarm was turned off and the firemen disappeared by the time my massage was completed. Not sure I agree it was so relaxing, but what a wild story passing through DTW. Luckily I go through the TinySoda airport this week.


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