Open Source CloudFormation JSON Editor

Open Source Amazon AWS CloudFormation editor
Open Source Amazon AWS CloudFormation editor

Recently I was looking for a good solid Open Source AWS CloudFormation JSON editor and stumbled onto Atom. Yes, I know Amazon AWS CloudFormation has a built in editor, but honestly I like working off of a local editor. Especially while traveling and not always having a solid Internet connection. Guess it’s just a personal preference… 🙂 The first thing you want to do after downloading and installing the base application is to download and install the atom-cform package. Just open the application for the first time and click on File>Settings>Packages and type atom-cform in the “Filter packages by name” field. After it comes up just click the activate/install button and it will download everything it needs. I recommend reading and watching the small video posted at the URL below. Lastly, I prefer the dark theme as it seems to be a little easier on the eyes. Give it a go and let me know what you think. If you have other editors you use and prefer for CloudFormation please post them here!


Open Source JSON Editor:

AWS CloudFormation package:




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