2022 Intel National Sales Impact Award

Honored to represent Intel and to be recognized amongst so many top companies and individuals. A great way to close out 2022! 

Beyond thankful to represent the Intel brand in the cloud! Intel is not just a hardware company powering computers. The robust offering of accelerators onboard the latest Xeon procs are game changers for many workloads. Next time you spin-up a new VM in the cloud think about what your workload requirements are and check what’s running under the hood. Most CSPs make finding this information not so easy and require a little knowledge and digging. Personally I use https://instances.vantage.sh/ when working on AWS projects, which helps determine proc and instance selection. I can tell you firsthand that most delivery engineers don’t spend time researching this information upfront until a performance issue arises. Feel free to post questions surrounding workload to proc/instance selection mapping.

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