Daren WestmanDaren Westman

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Daren has over 19 years of IT experience and has served in a multitude of roles through his career such as Principal Cloud Architect, Principal Consultant Architect and Sr. Global Infrastructure Director. Daren thrives in tech manufacturing, consulting and government engagements both at state and local levels. Cloud Technology is Daren’s passion and drives him to push technology limits to the cutting edge.

Personal Key Strengths:

– Clear written and verbal (technical & non-technical) communication

– Listening, understanding, and executing on client engagements

– Exceptional analytical, problem solving, and strategic planning skills

– Complex business acquisitions and divestures (integrating and decoupling IT applications)

Technology Key Strengths:

– IT Infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) (on-premise, colocations, cloud, & hybrid)

– IT Architecture design and scaling

– Solving extremely complicated pinch point issues in IT infrastructures and applications

– Strong security background w/ a focus on forward facing services

– Ground up Data Center build-outs and migrations to 3rd party CSP’s (cloud service providers)