Workspace Management…

This evening I am writing about workspace management. A lot of studies have been done around workspace organization and I am still not sure what to think. Studies have shown cluttered workspaces belong to the smartest people. If that’s the case I am really stupid as a paper cluttered out of place workspace drives me nuts and actually stresses me out a bit. I like to organize chaos, which is how I get through complex situations. How do you actually know how to execute multiple projects and tasks if your workspace looks like a bomb went off???? Personally I keep all of my notes in Microsoft OneNote and I love this application. Every note, meeting minute and word you write gets indexed and is searchable right on the fly. Also, a huge plus is that I can share my OneNotes with co-workers or anyone I would like. Can you do that with your handwritten notes? Before I switched to OneNote I use to write all of my notes with a four colored pen, so I could categorize my notes based on importance and type of note. Now with OneNote I can create a whole filing cabinet and more.  Maybe cluttered workspaces work for some people, but certainly not this neat freak… The below photos are how my day-to-day workspace looks. Call me crazy, but it works for me!


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